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The Plant Ranch Inc

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Lucille and Alain Bouvier met in a tomato patch. Years later, when their vegetable bedding out plants started outselling the sales of their livestock they decided to sell the cows and buy more seeds. The farm became known as Bouvier Greenhouse. In 1991, they and other partners started up the Plant Ranch. It has evolved during the years to becoming singularly owned by the Bouviersí. During winter and spring, Alain grows the plants in thirteen greenhouses on a farm near Mossbank, Saskatchewan. Then Lucille sells them and many other gardening supplies at the Plant Ranch. This has ensured that we maintain excellent quality of plant material and have first hand knowledge of what customers want and like. Youíre invited to come and experience the difference of locally grown plant material served by knowledgeable friendly staff.


Our mission is to provide great quality and selection at affordable prices in a friendly knowledgeable environment.


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1 mile west of Lewvan Drive on 13th Ave.
Regina, SK



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